Bathmate Review

This Bathmate review offers readers more information about the Hydromax line of pumps. The drive to make the originals even better is what that led to the creation of this new series of hydropumps. The Bathmate Hercules and its larger cousin, the Goliath, are still highly effective and were the best on the market when they were first introduced. However, as with any 1st generation product, there is always room for improvement and customer feedback usually provides the best clues as to what those changes should be.

Bathmate Models

visit-site-blueOne of the recommendations made by users was to improve the comfort pad. The Bathmate Hydromax has noticeably improved this component which is now thicker and better contoured than earlier versions. This not only makes the Hydromax more comfortable to use but also provides a better seal.

Another design upgrade is the valve at the tip of the pump which can now be set to a “locked” or “unlocked” position which is a feature that early pumps did not have. This allows the user to fill the cylinder with water using only one hand for easier adjustment while showering.

Maybe the most important improvement is in the power of the pump which is 35% greater than earlier models. Also, the cylinder can be rotated when in use so the user can turn it to where the measuring scale is the easiest for him to see.

Bathmate Hydromax Models

For the moment, the Bathmate Hydromax line of pumps comes in 2 different models: the X30 and the X40. Both of them are essentially the same with the only difference being that the X40 is larger than the X30. Below is a look at both pumps and the specifications of each so you can decide which one suits you best.

Hydromax X30 – it’s the same size as the Hercules which means that it’s maximum diameter and length of 1.87″ and 7.5″ respectively. Leaving room for growth is important so a man already sporting an erect length of over 6.75″ should consider moving up to the X40.

Hydromax X40 – larger than the X30 but slightly smaller than the Goliath, it can accomodate a diameter up to 2.3″ and length not exceeding 9.5″. This model is usually more than enough for even the most well endowed man and quite frankly, if this one is too small, you don’t really need a hydropump to begin with.

Though the original pumps, the Hercules and Goliath, are still an excellent choice, there is no doubt that the newer Hydromax line, with its new user suggested improvements, is vastly superior. Unfortunately, as with most things, these improvements come with a slightly higher price tag but it’s more than worth it.

By choosing the right Bathmate Hydromax you are really getting a state-of-the-art hydropump that will allow you to get maximum gains in the shortest time if you use it as suggested. As a matter of fact, these pumps are so powerful that upping the pressure gradually is recommended to allow your penis to adapt just as you would when exercising any other body part for the first time.

Furthermore, your purchase is covered by a full 60 day, no questions asked return policy while the unit come with a 1 year warranty. So basically, you have more than enough time to see if it works for you and only pay if you get real results. Hopefully this Bathmate review has been informative and will help you make a better informed choice.


Phallosan Forte Extenders

Though as previously discussed, Bathmate pumps are an ideal device to have in your penis growth arsenal, their design makes them better suited to promote gains in thickness and head size than in length. Make no mistake, gains in length will come when using a hydropump but simply not as much as you would get by using an extender such as the Phallosan Forte which specifically designed for that purpose.

Penis extenders have a reputation that is both good and bad. On one hand there are recognized for being highly effective at increasing length but then are also notorious for being uncomfortable to wear. Since they typically need to be worn hours a day to be effective, comfort becomes an even more important consideration. Fortunately, the Phallosan Forte extender, with its unique design, eliminates most of the shortcomings associated with traditional rigid extenders.

It uses vacuum suction to secure the penis which is more comfortable than the usual silicone noose other extenders use. Furthermore, its flexible body makes the Phallosan extender easy to conceal under clothing and allows night time use. These 2 advantages make it easier for users to meet their daily usage requirements. In some cases where it worn at night, a user will often have logged the necessary hours by the time they get up!

In the end it really depends on the type of growth you’re looking for. If you’re already satisfied with your length but wish to get thicker, than using the Bathmate alone would be recommended while the Phallosan Forte extender would be recommended if you’re only interested in length. That being said, they can certainly be used concurrently if your goal is to maximize all aspects of penile growth.